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Designers & manufacturers of HYDCO 350RC, 500 RC, 1200H, 700H Diamond, RAB, Aircore, Multipurpose, Horizontal RC, Heli & Man Portable, track carriers & Specialised Drillrigs manufactured in WA. Designers of award winning underwater drill for Chevron trunkline project.

Manufacturers of New HYDCO Rodhandler for RC & Diamond Pipe , Hydco Compressor Boosters , Hydco Jackup sloops , handsfree breakout systems, hydraulic rod clamps & slips, hydraulic winches and power units.

Hire Compressor Boosters, drills & hydraulic power packs available.

Repairs and modifications to all drills and drilling equipment.

Distributor for Danfoss, Eaton, OEM Dynamics, Rapspan, TJM, Muster Fire Suppression Systems & HYDCO Booster parts.

Full Engineering 3D ,2D AutoCAD design available.